Tapping The Real Estate Investment Power Of India

By Vaibhav Jatia

The real estate industry has always been an integral part of the Indian growth story - both in terms of development and showcasing India as an economic superpower. While the economics in western countries undoubtedly impact us, India continues be on its strong growth momentum. And this is because we are not inter-dependent, however highly interconnected. 

The current growth curve of the Indian economy is at an all time high, and has contributed to the upswing in the real estate sector in particular. The real estate industry in India is currently estimated to be US$ 16 billion with a CAGR of 30 per cent. Growth in this sector is driven primarily by globalisation of the Indian corporate, a growing presence of foreign businesses in India, and a rapidly increasing consumer class.Real estate investment will continue to stump other options available to both domestic and foreign investors. The demand for residential space is expected to increase significantly in the coming year. Besides this, the year between 2014 will also witness a boom in the hospitality/hotel industry, as well as in healthcare and Grade-A office complexes. Individual and institutional investors alike will have new choices available in social investment. For economic and financial policymakers, new incentives to attract capital and projects may emerge. Greater access to global capital markets can further expand the mix, as well as the amount of resources available for development. An infrastructure-challenged India represents a fertile opportunity for a new approach that would attract much-needed financial resources for sustainable development, allowing us an even greater participation in the global economy. With major national and global players making large-scale investments, the coming year would boost the development of infrastructure and thus take India a step closer towards becoming a developed nation.

Unlike other developed countries, India's red-hot economy has fuelled in the last few years. Mumbai's real estate, in particular residential segment of real estate, is no more an underestimated domain. Flourishing and adding great numbers to India's economic growth, luxury trend in the residential projects in Mumbai is a burning topic of discussion everywhere. Today, India stands tall in the BRIC Nations category, sharing space with Brazil, Russia and China. An acronym for economy, the concept of BRIC was published in 2003 report of Goldman Sachs. If the report is to be believed, then we are going to be one of the wealthiest nations by 2050, and the extravagant trend of real estate surely contributes to it. 

If we look back at the property prices in India, it was purely based on demand and supply chain. The pure economics of luxury housing in India back then was quite different. Currently, thanks to the boom of high net-worth individuals and the luxury appetite of contemporary dwellers, property prices have gone through the ceiling, adding to the mushrooming of many Best property investment places in India. All this efficiently results in an elevation of luxury property prices. 

If we talking in particular about Lonavla's real estate market, the call of the hour is the optimum use of real estate, in terms of having a more efficient land management system. Away from the phenomenal pressure of urbanization, the growth of urban infrastructure is not a challenge in Lonavla. Contrary to the urban areas are hubs for economic activity. These urban areas act as magnets to draw people from rural areas. The beauty of residential projects in Lonavla is that they promote green. It is a trend and a consciousness that we have to follow and ensure it is translated into action on the ground. 

All in all, there is no doubt that India is leaving her mark in the global canvas with her burgeoning real estate industry and infrastructure development.

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