Phuket Tourism - Finding Great Accommodations in Thailand

Michel Gerard

Are you looking for a vacation getaway in paradise? Famous for its long stretches of immaculate white, powdery beaches, Phuket is well worth the trip. So much so that tourists troop to this island destination all year round, some of which eventually end up staying there for good.

While Phuket tourism is known for its breathtaking scenery, it was put on the map because it was badly hit by a killer tsunami back in 2004. Top destinations are the Phromthep Cape which is known for its breathtaking view of lovely sunsets, the Wat Chalong Buddhist Temple off Chalong Bay, and the numerous national parks and waterfalls.

There are so many options when it comes to places to stay and accommodations in Phuket. One can only wonder at the array of luxurious and five star hotels that seem to sprout like mushrooms all over the island. Resorts and village hotels are highly popular, as well as guest houses for the budget-conscious traveler.

The Patong Resort Hotel situated conveniently at the heart of Patong Beach is a highly recommended place to stay for beach bums and lovers of aquatic sports and adventure. It is also an ideal place for family vacations as well as for honeymooners. A wide array of sports activities is available at this hotel which has swimming pools and tennis courts. Aside from that, it has a handful of restaurants that offer international cuisine such as Italian and Japanese food.

Similarly, the Kata Beach Resort and Spa is a recommended haven for spa regulars and beach lovers. Aside from its well-maintained rooms, it is also popular because of its lush gardens and gastronomic offerings. It boasts of lush palm trees, a beautiful fountain in its lobby, and two exquisite beach-side pools. Tourist come-ons such as first class amenities and unlimited internet access are also available and the resort has a number of restaurants and coffee shops to satisfy everyone's taste buds.

However, discovering Phuket and its charms need not be an exorbitant and pricey adventure. A good number of guest houses are available in the Patong and Kata Beach areas as well as in other areas of the island which are pleasant to stay at and highly affordable. Food and meals can also be availed at budget prices and you will be amazed at how tasteful and satisfying Thai street food is.

Personal choice and preference should be the top determinant in deciding where to stay in the island. If you love to be in the center of fun and activity, the Patong Beach area should be your choice. However, if you prefer the secluded surroundings, the Kata Beach area should be an option. While it's not as popular as Patong, it is still a prime destination.

Phuket Island has a lot to offer for everyone and it is a distinctive destination for adventure lovers and those out to discover exotic places. However, you should be prepared for things that can possibly go wrong. While a holiday and vacation is meant as a time for relaxation and fun, it should also be a well-planned one. One's budget and financial limitations should be a consideration and a thorough preparation is always a wise move for the regular tourist and traveler.

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