Living in Panama, for the Adventurous Retiree

Mark Etinger

Escape. It's what you've dreamt of for years. Maybe you're a company man, putting in your time and waiting for that pension that will let you leave quarterly reports and a 3 hour commute behind forever. Or maybe you're just happy the kids are finally out of the house, and you can get down to the business of living YOUR life. Maybe the solution to utilizing the vast expanse of your impending retirement is living in Panama.

Living in Panama offers a real escape from the realities and tedium of living in the U.S while still offering a short plane ride from your family and loved ones. The adventure and easy living available in Panama is second to none. Nowhere else can you retire in safe, tropical luxury while still being able to afford more than the bare necessities. Yes, it seems sometimes that living in Panama might be the right retirement choice for lots of Americans. Here's why.

The Weather: Panama is close enough to the equator to be warm all year round, but parts of the country are less hot than others. The dry season from December to April is best for outdoor sports that involve going inland, or to the mountains in the north. The fresh air and moderate temperature associated with living near the pacific shore are great for seniors and people with breathing problems.

Cost of Living: For non-national residents living in Panama, the required income for a retiree is $500 per person. This is an attainable amount for many pensioners, and the sale of an American home would probably get many people on the track to home ownership and living in Panama. A lot and home at a fancy, gated resort can be under $500,000 if you shop around. Beyond your mortgage and required income, Panama is dirt cheap. Allowing for frequent excursions both on the water and further inland.

Activities: Panama is nothing if not full of things for the adventurous retiree to do. Living in Panama offers access to world class surfing, hiking fishing and day tripping. Whether you enjoy visiting new and trafficked beaches, or landing prize fish after a day on the water, there's something for you in Panama.

Speaking Spanish: Speaking Spanish will open up a world of possibilities in this long, thin country. You'll be more autonomous and able to travel at will. Plus you can be proud of yourself for learning a valuable new skill that will generally increase your quality of life.

Andromeda Pedasi is a premier retirement vacation community in Panama. With a large community developing on the beautiful Pacific coast of Panama, Pedasi offers a beautiful and enjoyable way to spend your retirement. More info is available here. Updates on the development and news from Panama is available on our blog.