Locating Nerja Apartments

Alyson Thomas

Nerja, which is located in southern Spain's Costa del Sol area, is a beautiful and historically rich city. In ancient times, the city was known for producing luxury goods that were traded in marketplaces throughout the Middle East and Europe. Control of the valuable city has changed hands many times over the years; Rome and the Moors both ruled the city at different time periods. Today, expatriates peacefully occupy the ancient city when they can find housing in Nerja apartments.

People relocate to Nerja for a variety of reasons. The town is known for its dramatic vistas of the Mediterranean Sea, and its historic caves. The caves of Nerja reportedly house prehistoric paintings and skeletal remains of early mankind. The town's mild climate, plentiful restaurants, and water sport activities have also contributed to the steadily swelling population over the years.

Temporary residents of Nerja may include students determined to immerse themselves in genuine Spanish culture or working professionals there on business. Amateur archaeologists may stay to explore the Nerja caves. Longer term residents include artists and writers pursuing inspiration for their projects. No matter what the reason for relocation, each expatriate requires adequate housing to comfortably remain in this sunny Mediterranean oasis.

There are several ways to find housing in Nerja including online classifieds, real estate agents, property managers, travel agents, and expatriate support websites. Many Nerja rental properties are listed via online classified advertisements. There are websites posted by companies and individuals to rent Nerja apartments, villas, and vacation condos. Even though dealing directly with individual property owners is often desirable, property management companies have a better selection of housing options.

Most property managers are also licensed real estate agents. When housing property does not sell for whatever reason, owners often seek to rent the property to gain some income. The same real estate agents that were employed to sell the house are often called upon to help rent the property instead. These agents often have close networks with other agents; if they do not have a suitable property available, they often know who does. A good real estate agent working in the Costa del Sol area is definitely someone to seek out when searching for housing in Nerja.

Sometimes seasonal vacation rentals may meet the needs of shorter term residents of Nerja. When this is the case, travel agents often have the ticket to the perfect Nerja housing set up. Travel agents often have access to vacation condos and time shares. These units are usually fully furnished and ready to occupy. Travel agents and real estate agents are birds of a feather, and they do network together.

Before closing any housing deals, a thorough investigation should be made with the town's authorities to ensure individual and authorized agents have the legal right to rent or lease the desired property.

Living so far away from home can cause even the most adventuresome expatriate to get lonely which is why there are websites and physical expatriate clubs to support people living abroad. These clubs may have some of the best leads on appropriate housing for newbie expatriates. Many experienced expatriates are more than willing to help their fellow countrymen and expand the expatriate community.
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